Day 352: I’m Having Their Baby

My sister has turned me on to a show that could be difficult down the road, but for now, I am addicted. It’s called I’m Having Their Baby. You may have heard of it. I had but thought that it was about surrogacy from the title. Actually it’s about adoption.

Each episode follows two to three couples/birth mothers as they struggle to decide what to do with their babies. Many are already matched with adoptive parents, many are not. Most stories go through the birth to two months after birth. The show gives me an insight into how hard the decision is for birth patents, which is invaluable. Not only the struggle with placing their child for adoption but also the struggle with family and friends who do not agree with the decision.

It also will hopefully help me be cautious with my heart. Many of the matched birth mothers/couples end up deciding to parent right after birth or within a few days of birth. For adoptive parents, this means they have not only been off the adoption market while matched but also grown to love and expect a child at the end. Many are present for the birth, even hold and bond with the baby before being told they will not be taking the child home. I cannot even fathom what that is like, but our agency says 1 in 5 matched birth mothers/parents end up deciding to parent themselves.

It’s a hard road ahead and, for now, this show provides some insight and comfort. I think it is probably interesting for anyone, not just those of us hoping to start a family this way 🙂


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