Day 175: My Turn

When I first started writing this blog, I needed a lot of help just to complete every day tasks like getting in bed, dressing and generally getting around the city or even the condo. Now I am much better, but I still need help with things like opening jars or bottles, carrying grocery bags and taking Elphie out. The hubs does all this for me and more, so it’s a rare time when the hubs needs me to take care of him.

He cut his thumb this weekend and we had to go to urgent care. He is fine and did not need stitches but he did end up with steri-strips and in a splint. He was supposed to leave it alone until he could get in to see his doctor. But his bandage started getting uncomfortable and slipping.


So I took care of him. And now it looks like this.


I’m sad he cut himself (it was definitely scary when it happened) but it felt good to take care of him, especially since I know he is going to be just fine. It’s a small way to make up for all the times he has taken care of me.


One thought on “Day 175: My Turn

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