Day 176: They’re Not Cookies

I don’t remember but I’m sure I’ve written about cookies. Maybe the chilled Famous Amos I get out of a vending machine at work. Or the easy bake all natural chocolate chip the hubs and I were once addicted to. Or the legendary Thin Mint, of which I can eat a whole tube in one sitting. I must have written about them. I mean I am basically the Cookie Monster.

But, in an effort to live healthier, I have significantly limited my cookie intake. This makes me feel good, smart and healthy but it does not make me feel satisfied at the end of the night. My cravings for something sweet come upon me quickly and, when I don’t satisfy them, leave me cranky and hungry. Tonight, before that could happen, I gave my sweet tooth the ever delicious combination of apple slices and peanut butter. Instead of depriving myself of something, I gave myself a healthier version of something I want. And I really felt full and satisfied afterwards. It’s sort of the opposite of guilty pleasure fun, but it is fun nonetheless.


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