Day 359: Nick at Night

When I was a kid, I watched I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched on Nick at Night. I loved those shows because of how old they seemed. It never occurred to me that some day I would be watching contemporary shows I liked on Nick at Night as an adult. Yet, almost every night (around this time when I’m writing blog posts) I turn on the TV for some background noise and what do I discover? Friends and Full House on Nick at Night.

Now, I love Friends. I could watch it non-stop all day, any season. As a child, I felt the same way about Full House. But, let me tell you, Full House is actually terrible. The hubs had to leave the room because he could not take the writing, long pauses and after-school-special tone. Is this what all my childhood shows were like? Did my parents hate watching them? Will I hate watching shows my kids think are good? Will I suffer through them because I think my child is learning something? I don’t know, but, at this moment, I am strangely entranced by the shiny teenage angst of DJ, the know-it-all sass of Stephanie and cheeky cuteness of Michelle. Please send help.


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