Day 28: Shopping

I started this Guilty Pleasure Monday off right, with an hour of online shopping in bed.

I’m in desperate need of winter work pants. This summer I bought a few pairs of those trendy colored pants (that I totally love and will wear again when the weather is warm and bright and screams,”put on your coral pants!”) but now I don’t have anything for fall/winter that isn’t at least two years old. Pants are the trickiest item to shop for, for me at least, so while I enjoyed perusing the pages of Loft and Gap from the comfort of my warm bed, I decided I needed to actually go out to accomplish this task with any kind of success. Luckily I already had an appointment in the Loop, right down the block from a Loft store.

Recently, actual shopping trips have been tricky for me as I can never be certain how long I will last on my feet. And I am a shopper who likes to do several laps around a store before making any final purchasing decisions. If I have to rush because my feet hurt or my husband is bored, I usually make ill-advised or no purchases. Today was pretty good though. I sat a lot in the dressing room and really took my pants mission seriously.

Before today, I had no idea Loft had four different fits. The pants all have women’s names, Zoe, Julie, Kate, and Marisa. After trying on each fit in multiple styles-I was literally walking around with one of every kind of pant in the store-I decided Marisa modern is my gal. I also learned that I am too short for ankle pants and too tall for petite pants. I ended up buying modern Marisa in black boot cut and a charcoal grey skinny, both of which will be great with any number of different shirts for work. I really wanted to get like 5 sweaters as well but I practiced restraint. Except just now I got an email from them offering 50% off if I buy 5 items online tonight. I mean it is Guilty Pleasure Monday…




One thought on “Day 28: Shopping

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