Day 29: A Drink

An impromptu drink and food with a friend concluded my day. Spontaneous plans can be the best! You just have to be open to them.

Now these days, I don’t drink more than one drink per week (or less) due to the medications I take and to how tired I usually feel the next day. But my friend had reason to celebrate (new job) so we each had a beer and toasted to his success! Consequently I feel a little tipsy as I write this. It has been a while. I say once a week but really I don’t imbibe unless there is some occasion like a wedding or anniversary and sometimes even then I refrain. The potential liver damage just doesn’t seem worth a few extra giggles. I’m learning to have that carefree, drunk if you will, feeling in lots of situations without the help of alcohol. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun once and while.


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