Day 335: Face Palm

I was thinking of writing about the VMAs (NSYNC reunion heeeeeey) but they were just so off the wall (Miley Cyrus) that I can’t. Instead I thought I would take a second to acknowledge that I have been doing a lot of back posting to account for the days I missed this summer. I think I’ve said this before but it is still a goal of mine to finish all the days before the year is up. Today I was able to post three additional entires, a small dent in the list of old drafts but a dent nonetheless. With 31 days to go (one month-that’s crazy) I’ll need to devote some serious time to blogging, but I’ve got a long weekend of beach time ahead of me so, for you email subscribers out there, look out.

Also, with so many old posts to write, I’m feeling a lot this.



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