Day 324: Monopoly

Ok. There aren’t that many days left in the Year. And while the summer has thrown my entire game off–byebye consistency–I am pledging to move forward with a post a day as well as catch up with the back log. So, if you get these in email, they might come a little out of order at times BUT they will be in order on the website. I know mostly for me it is important to do the fun but it doesn’t feel right to leave the written year incomplete.

So today. Tonight. The hubs and I made use of what we thought was originally an ill-advised app purchase. $6.99 for Monopoly on the iPad. And we both bought it. So we could play one group game with our friend Parvesh in Sun Valley. We thought we would probably never use it again until tonight when we needed some veg time. Two people, two iPads and $13.98 worth of app monopoly. It was actually super fun and interactive. Until I had to resign.


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