Day 325: Vitamixup

Well. I did something very silly today. Necessary info: I take 1mg of folic acid every day because it helps reduce side effects of methotrexate. Folic acid is a small, round, yellow pill. Methotrexate is also a small, round, yellow pill.

Tonight, I go to take my methotrexate. I put five, small, round, yellow pills in my hand. I take them. I look at the pill bottle: folic acid. I just took 5 times my regular dose of folic acid and I already took one this morning. Immediate panic. Embarrassed call to local pharmacist. He tells me everything is fine and I can take my methotrexate as planned. I should probably just let my doc know because too much folic acid can reduce the effects of methotrexate. I take 5 other small, round, yellow pills-methotrexate this time-and immediately feel very silly. I have literally never done anything like this before. I am very careful (read anal) about my medication.

So this wasn’t necessarily fun but I’m glad I was able to laugh about it (as soon as I got the ok from the pharmacist).


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