Day 326: Guilty Pleasure: Fantasy Football

After a full day of assessment at work as a methotrexate zombie, I came home wanting my usual guilty pleasures-sweets and bad tv. Then an idea, which had been brewing since a great conversation with our Wisconsin friend Andy, came to me; two-person fantasy football.

The hubs and I set up a league, went through all the rules (though apparently not thoroughly enough) and started doing research to prepare for a draft that night. Well, Yahoo cancelled our draft because you have to have at least four teams to play. For a while we were distraught, “none of our friends like football!” I put out a text and a Facebook post and while the response was certainly what you would expect from a bunch of theatre people, we got four interested parties to commit! Our league of two became a league of six! And we have an official draft on August 27, more time for me to study up and work on my spreadsheet.


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