Day 327: Hubs Bday

Today is the hubs’ birthday and all he wanted was a quiet dinner. Well, we spent the day doing more fantasy football research, playing instruments and shopping before the quiet dinner.

The gift: I got him a tabla which is an Indian drum set (2). He played it as a child and we had been talking about it recently. I wanted to remind him of his childhood and continue to encourage him to be creative and let loose once and a while 🙂

We had dinner at a highly Zagat rated sushi place on the north west side that underwhelmed us. But we picked the evening up with froyo, and-one of the best parts-dog froyo for Elphie purchased at a food truck in Andersonville. Bacon banana peanut butter fid-yo. Needless to say she loved it.

Oh and we also got new iPhones which is why these pictures are links…I hope they work.

Also this:



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