Day 9: Morning Routine

Every morning, my husband and I go through a routine that gets me ready for the day. It goes like this.

He gets up at 6:00am, wakes me up, gives me a Tylenol, and then leaves with the dog for a morning run. I go back to sleep. He returns, gets ready for work and then wakes me up around 7:30 (before he leaves) with a bowl of cereal, vitamin D, Folic Acid and Prednisone. After he leaves, I lay in bed waiting for the pills to kick in. Yes sometimes I go back to sleep. More often though, I spend an hour looking at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This morning, however, I read a new play. I am on a literary circle that reads play submissions for a theater (not the one where I work) and then discusses them in a structured format similar to a book club. We then make a decision on whether to pursue the play or playwright further. We also often offer feedback to the writer, should they request it. The play I read this morning was funny and moving with unique characters and interesting dialogue, yet I could see places where it could use work. This was absolutely thrilling to me! Writing my feedback for the discussion left me feeling like I had exercised my dramaturgy muscles. I was able to focus on an intellectual and creative pursuit that I think it so worthwhile.

My morning was a little more enjoyable because I read this play. I felt better knowing I was able to do something productive rather than just laying around “online.”


One thought on “Day 9: Morning Routine

  1. Alison Schwartz says:

    Sarah, I just read the first 9 days, and I LOVE this! I look forward to reading everyday. Love ya, Alison

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