Day 10: Windows Down

Today is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago. It’s mild and sunny. The leaves are changing. The lake is sparkling. As I drove down an empty Lake Shore Drive on my way to work, I marvelled at how happy this city makes me feel. Chicagoans are so lucky to live in a city where on one drive, we can see a huge lake, the beach, tennis courts, boats, a golf course, parks, historical homes, downtown, and, yes, Navy Pier.

I was in such a great mood, I rolled my windows down, blasted the radio (Jesse J’s Domino), and sang at the top of my lungs. I highly recommend this fun activity as it is sure to improve your spirits on any given day.

OK, I took this picture while driving (which I probably should not have done) so it doesn’t totally capture how pretty it is but it’s something!


One thought on “Day 10: Windows Down

  1. Sue Slight says:

    What a great day you had! Although as your mother I have to say “STOP” taking photos while driving in Chicago!

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