Day 11: GHOST

Tonight’s post is brought to you by toll road 88 in the middle of northern Illinois. My husband and I are driving to Iowa tonight for a dear friend’s wedding happening tomorrow. My parents are hosting the bride and her bridesmaids for brunch as they get ready, so our morning will be full of dresses, photographers, hair products, champagne, and probably some happy tears.

For now though, it’s starry skies and the open road. On road trips, my husband and I like to do two things: sing musicals and play GHOST. (I may be signing a musical while I write this. “Hello. My name is Elder Price”) But before that, we played GHOST.

Rules: One person starts by saying a letter. The next person adds a letter. The goal is to get your opponent to spell a word without spelling one yourself. However you must always have a word in mind, meaning you can’t just add letters that don’t ultimately result in the spelling of a word. Two letter words don’t count. If you spell a word, you take a G and so on (Like in HORSE).

Example: In our first round I said “p.” He added “h.” Me: “o” Him: “t” Me: “crap, o.” I completed a word with photo and I had to take a G.

It took seven more words for me to beat him (ten, kale, sank, left, dancing, rise and masochist) but beat him I did. I do enjoy winning. But really this game is a lot of fun and more challenging than you might think.


One thought on “Day 11: GHOST

  1. Julie says:

    I may have to see if I can challenge John to a game of ghost next time we make the trip back to Iowa!

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