Day 13: Wedding Video

Today is special because it marks six months of marriage for my husband and I. To celebrate, we watched our wedding video. It is ten minutes of footage that covers the whole day/night. Our amazing friend put it together for us after filming non-stop on three different iPhones. I love everything about this video. It captures perfectly a time in my life when I was so completely happy. The first time I saw the video, my husband says my jaw dropped and just hung open, tears filled my eyes and I did not move until it was over.

Tonight, cuddled up on the couch, my husband and I watched it again, once in silence and then once again. The second time we talked through the whole thing, commenting on how nice everyone looked, wondering why everyone laughed when we exchanged rings, and noticing how easily the evening dissolved in to crazy dance party. We also noted how well I move in the video vs. today and how long we were on our feet. Today, I would not be able to stand for the entire duration of the ceremony or dance so freely.

While it might seem sad to think about that, I actually find it hopeful. Things did change quickly in the last six months. Hopefully they can change again, for the better, in the next. But even if they don’t, we can still watch the video and enjoy the memory of our wedding. It’s fun to look back as long as you don’t find yourself wishing to go back. And I don’t. I’m happy to be where I am today–this project is helping me maintain that.


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