Day 14: Repin

It’s Guilty Pleasure Monday again! Just to recap, this is a day where I take pills that make me tired so I allow myself a day of rest where, as long as I do something on my to do list, I can spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoy a guilty pleasure.

I unpacked from the weekend trip to Iowa and then spent most of the day on Pinterest. Right after I got engaged, I looked at Pinterest all the time but since the wedding, I’ve stopped. Today, I renewed my love of holiday decor, pictures of baby animals and party planning tips. Mostly, though, I looked on the DIY and craft section for fun things I can do for this blog. I started a Year of Fun board and will hopefully keep adding things to it like homemade air freshener and bookcase makeover.

And, of course, today also included a lot of puppy cuddle time. Guilty Pleasure Monday Rocks.



One thought on “Day 14: Repin

  1. testblogalt says:

    Dear This Blog:

    I love this blog. I really cannot express how much I love it.
    There is something beyond endearing about it.
    Keep up the awesomeness that is this blog.
    I look forward to reading it every day during my 4th hour lunch.

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