Day 23: Holidays are coming?

On the list if things that bring me joy, you will find the Holidays very near the top. I love that time of year from Thanksgiving to the New Year. All the baking (eating), decorating, football, first snows, presents and general sense of cheer and love. In October, I start to get the itch but usually suppress it. Let’s be clear, I do not condone putting out Christmas decor before Thanksgiving. Maybe that is why I went for the glass pumpkin and pumpkin candles at Foursided the other day.

Looking through all the photos from the shoot this morning, I got an idea. Design a holiday card! (Ok maybe I had this idea when I originally requested the time slot for pictures. And maybe I withheld that information from my husband to ensure he would be on board. Because maybe I was having major regrets about our decision not to send cards last year. Not that he’s a grinch or anything. He just doesn’t totally understand why I love the Holidays so much). So for the holiday cards we will definitely be sending this year, why not make it personal? I love getting family photo cards, especially from my friends with kids. What better for my husband and I than a family photo with our dog?

And I do enjoy a good photo project (really iPhoto makes it so easy) so I picked a layout, incorporated the perfect picture and chose some words of cheer for the message. All I have to do now is order the appropriate amount. A little bit of holiday joy this morning to tide me over until the real celebrating begins.


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