Day 32: No Devices Friday

When I pulled in to our parking spot in the alley tonight, my husband and dog were watching for me from the window in our kitchen. He waved. She barked and whined until I arrived upstairs. We planned on having some quality family time tonight so after I settled in (aka ate some food and put on leggings) we turned off the tv, set our phones aside, opened a bottle of wine and just talked. And laughed. And played footsie. And made financial plans for the future. And put a thundershirt on the dog to see how she would respond. And planned our election night party food. And sang songs from Sunday in the Park with George (ok that was just me). And complained and confided and laughed some more and shared and plotted. And just really enjoyed each other and our little family.

We spent two hours without all that technology and just focused on each other. It was so great. I can’t wait to finish writing this and get back to no devices Friday.







6 thoughts on “Day 32: No Devices Friday

  1. Alana Lange says:

    I love it when you add pics to your posts!!! Spuds like you had a great evening!!

  2. Laura says:

    This is my favorite post so far! I love it! People are so hooked on cell phones and technology that we forget to appreciate being in the moment.

  3. Megan Monaghan Rivas says:

    I’m planning on a no-devices day too – just waiting for the end of the semester, when my insane three-state commute comes to a close. You make it sound very inviting! But I would totally sing the “Sunday” songs with you.

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