Day 33: Didier Farms

I have this whole weekend off, which is amazing, so the hubs and I decided we would go to a farm/pumpkin patch kind of place to get fall food items like apple cider donuts and apple cider and decorative gourds. It wasn’t until we were on our way out to the suburbs that we thought to see what our friends, who live in the area and have two young kids, were up to. But, as luck would have it, they did not have much on the schedule for the day and said they could join us!

After stopping by their place first–and dropping off a gift I had for their 5 year old daughter (see pictures below. Giving a gift to a child could be its own fun thing) –we piled in to two cars and headed for Didier Farms.

We spent a few hours there. Highlights include: drinking hot apple cider, seeing baby potbelly pigs, watching all the kids, but particularly our friends’ children, enjoy the rides and games, and picking out the perfect little pumpkin to bring home. We did as much as we could before we got too cold and had to head back. It was everything I had hoped for and more!


One thought on “Day 33: Didier Farms

  1. […] first time this worked, we all went to Didier Farms. The second time, it was the Super Bowl. And tonight, it was just casual dinner, time with their […]

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