Day 179: Impromptu Date with the Mortons

The hubs and I have a few different friends who live in the suburbs. Subsequently, we do not see them as much as we would like, and it often takes a lot of advance planning (which we are sometimes not good at). Except when it comes to the Mortons. It seems we only see the Mortons if we text last minute. We’ll get an urge to see them, send a text and boom! Plans.

The first time this worked, we all went to Didier Farms. The second time, it was the Super Bowl. And tonight, it was just casual dinner, time with their kids and games. It was a really great way to spend Friday night that was, for them, the start of Spring Break (from their teaching lives). Although with their two busy kids, I doubt it is much of break. Hearing them talk about who would take whom to dance lessons, play dates, and doctor appointments (not to mention an upcoming seder and travel plans), I marveled at their scheduling talents. I realized how lucky the hubs and I are to have gotten them last minute so often.

It’s always so fun when it works – I can’t wait for another impromptu date night with the Mortons.


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