Day 132: Super Bowl

I love the Super Bowl. Even when my team is not in it, I watch. Not only do I love the game, but I also watch for the half-time show and the commercials. Pretty much the whole thing is exciting to me, and tonight was no exception.

Brother versus brother in a winner-takes-all fight to the finish, complete with turnovers, trick plays and a comeback of almost epic proportions. Not to mention the power outage. I was rooting for the 49ers because I have cousins who’ve loved them their whole lives. And because I love to see a good comeback. (So close!)

The hubs and I watched with good friends in the suburbs, an impromptu gathering of the best kind. A suburban trip to Costco for them and a stop for beer and more friends in the city for us. Six adults with two children and two dogs. Living room and kitchen televisions linked to get the coverage in both places. So. Much. Food. All made for a great evening and maybe a new tradition? Until next year!


2 thoughts on “Day 132: Super Bowl

  1. Susan says:

    Love it just as you described…I wore my Denver Bronco garb & figured I fit in with Mardi Gras right around the corner:) lived in NO for three years & love their resilience. Sounds like you’ve started a yearly tradition just like we have. Happy Monday after…!
    PS I was cheering in the 49ers, but two more Hawkeyes got Super Bowl rings with the ravens win!

  2. […] first time this worked, we all went to Didier Farms. The second time, it was the Super Bowl. And tonight, it was just casual dinner, time with their kids and games. It was a really great way […]

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