Day 180: Party Invite

The hubs and I had this idea to throw a party to raise money for the Chicago Arthritis Walk. I’m still a ways away from my goal of raising $3,000 ($1,000 for every mile I will walk) so we thought the most appropriate thing would be to have a flip cup tournament where teams pay an entrance fee to compete and all the money goes towards my arthritis walk team.

Four person teams with an $80 entrance fee. That’s a $20 donation per person for unlimited food/drink/flip cup fun. OR donate $10 and get a red solo cup for unlimited food/drink/flip cup watching.

I used pingg to make the invites and am now just waiting for rsvps to roll in. All are invited to our rooftop with a view of the Chicago skyline to flip some cup!

OR if you can’t make it to the party, consider walking with us or donating to the team page.


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