Acupuncture Update

Today I went back to Lincoln Square Acupuncture for a second treatment. I wanted to give the first one some time, just to see how I felt. Since then I have gotten a lot of questions from people about what it was like and if it worked.

First, it totally had an effect on the knuckle joint in my left thumb. It may seem small but I feel I can use that hand in a whole new way as a result. And I’m left handed!

Second, we focused last time on my left side and since then I have noticed that my right side feels more stiff or painful than the left. Hmmm…

So today, I told her both of those things and she went to work. She focused on my right knee, which is now more enflamed than the left. She also put two needles in my right hand that “might hurt a little.” These felt like a quick pinch or sting like when you get a regular shot but only felt that way going in.

The sensations I experienced this time were different than the first time. I relaxed and closed my eyes, letting my mind wander. Then I noticed that my fingers felt strange. I knew they were on the arm rest of the chair but instead of feeling the arm rest, I felt nothing. Like they were floating or, and this is going to sound weird, not there at all. Also, my head started getting really heavy and I think I might have almost fallen asleep but at the very moment I was starting to doze, I felt a zing go up my thumb. Needless to say this startled me but it was very quick and did not happen again. The muscles in my shoulder twitched a few times, but I was less anxious about all of these feelings and just kind of let them be.

After she took the needles out, she asked if she could put an herbal liquid on my knee to draw the heat out. I told her that was fine. (I’m sort of up for anything when it comes to this place. It feels good to be that adventurous and spontaneous)! The liquid smelled like a mix between Vicks Vaporub and Bengay and was brownish in color. She said people use it for asthma too so maybe it was exactly that.

I made another appointment for next week and will update again after that one. Please feel free to post any questions. At this point though, I do recommend trying it.


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