Day 36: Haiku

Since our no devices night was so successful, I have been thinking about some more things my husband and I could do together that would be fun, romantic, silly, funny and maybe kind of weird but that definitely do not involve phones, TV, iPads or computers. Tonight, I proposed we write haikus back and forth to each other. He was a little skeptical but then perked up when I suggested we just write one line and pass the paper back and forth, adding as we go.

I got out a fresh notebook (I have several empty journals just ready and waiting) and began the first page with “thank you for the tacos.” When I got home tonight, he had tacos waiting for me. What better way to say thank you than in haiku, which, if you need a reminder, is a short poem that simply follows a syllable rule: 5 – 7 – 5. Poem. He followed with “you’re very welcome my love.” Aww. I finished with “husband and wife team.” It might not be the best haiku ever written but we did it together and it is cute. And it will live forever in the front page of my new notebook. Along with the two others we wrote. 


4 thoughts on “Day 36: Haiku

  1. Meagan Jameson says:

    You guys are funny
    I love reading your new blog
    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Robin says:

    Dearest Sarah Fred and I were on the road returning from visiting friends in MN when I decided to figure out how to follow your blog on my Ipad…(forgive me for waiting so long, I am not sure why technology scares me so bad). Anyway, I figured it out (easy) and I started reading all of the blogs to Fred. My first thought was… you should be a writer. Your works flow with the grace of a fairy. My second thought was…. what a great idea to self motivate yourself and your entire family Elphie included of course). I selfishly am so glad to follow your blog as I have been very concerned about your RA since your wedding. You are in my nightly prayers.

    Some ideas: 1. make popcorn and try to throw a piece in each others mouth. Keep score! 2. Make a picnic where everything has to be eaten with a toothpic 3. Make a tent and tell stories 4. Make a list of things each other might not know about each other

    I will send more if I think of them. I wish Fred would do a no tech night. I might work on that! You and Danny are an inspiration to me. I really think you should think about writing. Maybe books to read your dog?!

    You know the arm of the chair Elphie chewed? Sand it down, sand down the other arm to match and get stain to match and re stain it… doubt anyone would know!!

    Love, Robin

    • Robin, I LOVE all of your suggestions! And thank you so much for reading. It means a lot to me that you think of and pray for my well being. Writing this blog has really helped in a way that, I believe, medicine cannot. And who knows? Maybe I have realized a new talent/career. Thanks again for the support! See you around the holidays, I hope.

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