Day 41: Sunday Dinner Part 2

I wrote about Sunday Dinner the first week of this blog. It was at that Sunday Dinner that I told my friends about this blog and my reasons for doing it. We have had Sunday Dinner almost every Sunday since then but I’m writing about it again because tonight, a very low pressure, small (in attendance) Sunday Dinner, was very fun. They always are because my friends are fun people, but I think part of the reason this one was sticks out is because it was planned last minute.

Part of doing something fun and writing this blog every day while also working and living a busy life is planning, making sure I have something fun to do and then time to do it and write about it. Lets be clear, I love planning. But sometimes it is fun to leave things a little more open. The days I don’t plan anything for this blog can be the most stressful (like getting home at 8pm, needing to have dinner and unwind but also needing to have fun and write about it before needing to sleep-a window of about two to three hours) but they can also be the best because I’ve left myself open to the possibility of unexpected fun.

I knew this dinner would be great and I knew I was going when I got up this morning. But I did not intend on writing about it. I did not have a plan.

Doing this for me has been, as I’ve said, to intentionally enjoy each day or something about each day. I’ve been doing that and one of the things I’ve learned is to also appreciate and enjoy the other elements that make up my day and to find fun in the things I already do. Of course I will still try new things and plan for fun but tonight made me realize that, before the blog, I had a lot of fun just living my life. However for many reasons I’ve discussed having mostly to do with RA, I wasn’t seeing it or appreciating it.

Today’s fun thing is really a lesson, one that is not profound but one that feels new to me tonight; love and enjoy what is fun in life, acknowledge that the small or routine can provide just as much fun as the large and spontaneous.

Now here are some pictures from dinner.







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