Day 40: Sporcle

So I was at work for 11 hours today. Around hour 8, some co-workers and I got on a Sporcle kick. Sporcle is an amazing website that is full of timed quizzes on various topics. It is great for people who love trivia, geography and passing time at work not working.

Three or four of us gathered around one computer. One person typed while the others shouted out answers. We did several quizzes ranging from find the Gaelic version of this English name in the list below to can you name these famous Captains from their pictures (ex. Captain Crunch, Captain Kirk, Captain Morgan)? From name all the Adam Sandler movies given the year of release and his character to to which countries are penguins native? Also, let’s not forget can you tell which celebrities these are even though their faces are upside down?

It’s truly quality entertainment and a great way to spend an 11 hour work day!


2 thoughts on “Day 40: Sporcle

  1. Molly says:

    We LOVE sporcle!! Andy has tournaments with other teachers during their lunch hour! They break into teams, pick a game and see which team can get the answers in the least amount of time! So fun!

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