Day 39: the Card Aisle

This is another suggested activity-I’m on a roll. It was actually one of the first suggestions and it came from a former teacher of mine. We probably have not spoken since I graduated high school. Ten years ago! But we re-connected over this blog, and it has been really great catching up with her. She suggested I go to a Hallmark Store and read cards, especially funny ones, for at least ten minutes and laugh out loud at least five times.

Today, I was picking up a few things at my local Walgreens and decided to check out their card aisle. It is a little meager, compared to a whole Hallmark store, the likes of which I’m not sure we have in Chicago. However, I managed to find a few cards that made me chuckle; caroling with Yoda (it’s hard because he speaks strangely), a banana age joke, and, my favorite, Santa’s stache (see below). Walgreens has a whole line of Christmas cards that include fun things like ornaments, build your own mini tree, a banner and, of course, a Santa’s mustache. (I may have also purchased a December countdown to Christmas activity calendar. Squeal! It is probably full of ideas for Holiday related fun).

I decided to add to this activity by purchasing a few cards and sending them to friends for various reasons ranging from thank you to birthday. I enjoyed writing each friend a little note and hoping it would be a surprise when the card arrived in the mail. What a nice and simple way to spread a little love and fun. 


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