Day 43: Election Day

It’s election day! Like you needed me to tell you that. I’m sure your Facebook home page is just as full of voters, voting pictures, and people urging everyone to vote as mine. I love the atmosphere of an election day. While the days leading up to it may be full of political ads, canvassing calls and that one questionable Facebook tirade from someone from your past, today is all about the right we have as American citizens to vote.

Unfortunately, it is also often riddled with voting horror stories, from hours long lines to machine breakdown. State run voting means there is no standard registration, time frame or even voting method. Combine that with the effects of Sandy and people on the east coast are having quite the day.

In comparison, my voting experience was pleasant, a short wait at the local senior center that was filled with excitement and a little anxiety. I was the one who was excited and anxious. Everyone else seemed tired and bored. Honestly, the last time I voted was absentee and the time before that I was in college (No, I haven’t voted in the midterm elections. Yes, I feel bad about that. And yes, I will start). I was excited to be doing my civic duty and nervous about what exactly the voting process would be like this time around.

I was also nervous about how long my wait might be. I don’t do well standing for long periods of time especially in a line of some kind where there usually isn’t even a wall to lean on. And I don’t like asking for things from strangers, like a seat on the bus or a chair in a voting line. Luckily, I did not have this problem, though I was ready to sit down once I was all the way through.

In the end, I loved voting and am excited to watch the results with friends this evening. I’m hoping that everyone who has more trouble with it than I sticks it out and exercises their right to vote!

Having a voice is fun!



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