Day 44: Dog Love Letter

Recently I saw a post on Facebook that said something to effect of “Some days are just bad days. Accept it and move on.” I remember it because, at the time, I thought to myself, “That is just the kind of thing I’m working against with my blog.” However, today, for the first time since I started writing this blog, I had a crummy day. I didn’t really accomplish anything and I was in a bad mood–I think because I did not get a lot of sleep and I, unfortunately, let missing my acupuncture appointment derail my whole day. (I missed it because of a car/key situation that I won’t get in to details about here). I just felt bad/tired/mad/bored all day.

I think some people, when they feel this way, are able to say, “oh well’ and just watch tv and relax and realize tomorrow will be better. But I, on the other hand, start to feel bad about all the things I’m not accomplishing by being in this bad mood and, therefore, worsen the mood further.

My spirits did improve when my husband came home from work and then more when we went out to dinner with a friend, but I would say the thing that really perked me up was playing with my dog after dinner. It’s probably pretty clear, if you’ve been reading this blog, that I LOVE this dog. She is quirky, funny, cute, sometimes annoying and needy but very lovable and sweet.

We played two of our favorite games. Well, I don’t know if she actually likes the first one. I don’t totally either because it just involves my husband messing up the fur around her face and then us laughing at her crazy appearance. (Sometimes I think it is mean, but sometimes I laugh anyway–see pictures below). Her absolute, by far, favorite game, though is fetch. She will fetch anything anytime anywhere. Tonight we played with one of her small rawhide bones. I throw, she chases and brings it back. Sometimes she throws it for herself (or really launches it out of her mouth somehow) which is actually the best.

I’ve heard that pets improve your mood, mind, even life expectancy. And I could write much more about companionship, unconditional love and loyalty. But let’s just say that when I need a pick me up, obviously I know I can count on family and friends, but I can also just pick up one of the many pieces of bone that is always underfoot, throw it and watch as this dog goes after it like she’s never seen it before and I have just given her the best gift she could ever imagine.

Also, she gives high fives. Which is pretty cool.


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