Day 45: Stairway to Work

Some challenges to my mobility I avoid and others I meet head on. One I have been avoiding for months is the staircase leading up to the theatre where I work. It is a double wide, double long set of stairs that goes from the main level of the pier up to the theatre. Most people use this every day to get to work or to get lunch.

I have had huge problems with stairs since my knees have been inflamed and, since I have to take them in my apartment building, I avoid them everywhere else. When I do have to take stairs I usually take them one at a time putting all the pressure on my right leg and none on the left, so the left one is really weak from lack of use.

For the most part, I try to park on the same level as the theater itself so I can just waltz by these stairs and maybe shoot them a nasty look. If I have to go down to the main pier level, I take the elevators and usually think about the mechanics of having elevators on a structure built over the water. Hmm.

Today, however, I parked on the main level (because I wanted some Jamba Juice) and started toward the elevators, but something stopped me. Recently, my knees have been much better so I decided to make an attempt. It might not have looked pretty but, using the railing for support, I took those steps the regular way, one foot in front of the other. I feel so good now, like I accomplished something. And also relieved that I won’t have to take that sketchy elevator anymore. I wish I had a picture to show of me celebrating like Rocky at the top of the steps.


One thought on “Day 45: Stairway to Work

  1. Sue Slight says:

    Mom here. Just had to comment on today’s post as memories flood back of you and your friends having Rocky film fests in our lower family room, all wearing “Rocky” t-shirts and the necessity of my making you a huge bowl of Puppy Chow to snack on. Reading the last line of your post, I can well imagine you at the top of stairs. So proud of you. Now as for that list of fun things to do, I’m thinking you need to make Puppy Chow and eat it till its gone. That was a fun activity for you back in the day!

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