Day 49: Fall is…

Today, I hosted a Fall party for my coworkers to celebrate the end of the run of our most recent show (plus the two others than ran simultaneously but closed earlier). The theme came from wanting to spend time outside, specifically on my roof, in sweaters and scarves on a crisp Fall day and enjoy hot beverages and pumpkin treats.

Well, today was thirty degrees and windy in Chicago (and I hear there might be flurries in the air right now) so we only went to the roof for enough time to have a toast and take a few pictures. But we still enjoyed many delicious food items (pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie, roasted nuts, nutter butter acorns, and buffalo chicken dip) and warm beverages (mulled wine, pumpkin hot white chocolate, mulled wine, and also more mulled wine). Instead of outside, we cozied up in the living room playing games, asking 90’s trivial pursuit questions, and generally laughing a lot.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love planning and hosting but I do often worry about how effectively I will be able to manage everything during the actual event.  I was on my feet most of the morning cooking and cleaning and I anticipated being up and about even more during the party, greeting people, getting drinks, cleaning up, etc. But I found that I was able to manage just fine due to three key elements. 1. I wore thick soled house slippers. I pretty much always wear these at home because they are warm and keep me from walking around in socks or bare feet that put more pressure on my joints. 2. I sat as much as possible but didn’t let myself sit for too long. One key to maintaining my joints and energy is to know when to sit and when to get up. There is a happy medium that prevents me from getting too sore or too stiff that, when I listen to it, works really well. 3. My husband did a lot too! He was home today so was able to help out, which is always a relief. However, in the past, I probably would have left him to do everything with the excuse that it is too difficult for me. I’m glad that is no longer the case!

This little gathering was a great way to unwind at the end of a particularly busy period at work. (We also got to discuss the upcoming secret santa that was met with much enthusiasm). And it left me feeling not only warm, cozy and full but also physically able. Ok and sleepy. Very sleepy. 


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