Day 48: Secret Santa Part 1

My sister and friend left today to continue their road trip to Indiana, dropping me off at work on their way. Lately at work, I’ve been scheming about how to insert more fun in to our days. (If you read this blog regularly, you probably think no effort necessary, but I maintain that we can always have more. Oh and why not make it holiday themed?) One idea I’ve been floating is secret santa. Most people seem excited by this prospect, so tonight I laid out the little slip of paper that will have the name of a participant on it and will also give the spending limit and a few “guidelines.”

Because our whole department does not all work at the same time and it would be difficult to get the twenty of us together for our own holiday party (especially because we have a show running in December), I am proposing that we spread it out, giving two small and one larger gift over the course of a few weeks and only revealing identities in the last gift. We can leave these secret gifts on desks, in lockers or have them delivered by someone from another department. Planning this is my fun today because I do really enjoy coordinating these kinds of group activities and events, considering the many secret santa format options, choosing one that will work for our schedule and implementing (after running it by a few people first). I hope everyone is on board!


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