Day 56: Ikea

Guilty Pleasure Monday today = a trip to Ikea! While I know this is the furthest thing from a pleasure for many people, I love it. I like strolling through the entire store from start to finish, looking at all the furniture and decor, deciding if I think I can cover picture frames with the fabric from a bedspread or if it makes sense that a regular human can put all these items together using nothing but a crank, all while eating a cinnamon roll. It’s the best.

When I shop alone, I inevitably take forever, like roam through sections totally aimlessly and make decisions at a glacial pace forever. Today was no different. I took my time and thought about things, rather than making rash decisions or purchases. I sat down several times to keep my feet well rested and came to the conclusion that while I could use a bedspread to cover picture frames, I might find a better deal on fabric at a place like JoAnn’s. I did, however, decide that I need a shoe rack to contain the mess that is my husband’s shoes and two side tables that Young House Love assures me I can make in to a headboard. (It’s one project that is in the book and not on the website).

Ikea makes it pretty easy to get items in to a car, but I’m waiting for the hubs to get home to bring those items up to our place. The headboard may end up with its own separate post. Wish me happy building!


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