Day 70: Bongo Room

Guilty Pleasure Monday today was brunch with a friend at the Bongo Room. If you live in Chicago and are not familiar with the Bongo Room, you must go. Known for their indulgent breakfast items, this popular brunch spot recently opened their Andersonville location, where we ate today. I’ve been to the Wicker Park location before, and on the weekend the wait is normally about two hours during prime brunch time (and they do not take reservations). However at 1:00p.m. on a Monday, we had no problem. Because it was Guilty Pleasure Monday, I ordered the white chocolate caramel pretzel pancakes. Three huge-like bigger than my face-pancakes were delivered to the table. My friend had some kind if savory pork sandwich that he said was great. (Apparently he was not having guilty pleasure food). But back to my pancakes, pretzel filled and covered in caramel and white chocolate sauces, these pancakes were not the crazy sugar rush they could have been, which was a welcome surprise. They were nicely sweet and crunchy but not overly so. I managed to eat about one third of the plate. They were SO big. And SO yummy!




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