Day 82: Vinejoy

If you like wine, parties and cool people and you don’t know Vinejoy, you are sorely missing out on some of the best independently made wines and super fun parties ever. I mean it. Ever. Not only do these two dudes bring the best craft wines of California’s Central Coast to Chicago’s independent wine shops (like In Fine Spirits, City Provisions, A. Vision Chicago, Que Syrah, etc.), but they also do special events, weddings, and tastings throughout the city.

Probably the most fun event they spearhead is their monthly potluck held in various spaces throughout Chicago. I’ve been to a few different ones-in a bakery, an artist’s loft, and the Vinejoy Offices. Each potluck features a food item (goat cheese, leeks, bacon, vegetables, etc.). Every person attending contributes $20 and a dish containing the featured item. (The money goes towards the basically unlimited amount of wine Vinejoy supplies these parties with). Everyone votes (in a creative way-I won’t spoil it) for their favorite food item and that person wins a bottle of wine. If that wasn’t enough, I always meet the most interesting people at these parties. Its like these guys are magnets for talented, cool, smart, groovy people.

Tonight I went to a special potluck for frequent attendees where the food was not a specific item but your “signature dish.” I made pumpkin bars, of course, and the hubs brought mini tuna melts that WON the favorite dish! Other highlights included mini chicken pot pies and mac and cheese. Aside from the good food, fun people and tv playing a VHS of The NeverEnding Story, they also had a photobooth curtesy of Emily Alt Photography. (Hopefully someday I’ll be able to have a whole blog post dedicated to a photobooth). Needless to say, we had a great time.

If any of this sounds fun to you, or you just want to know more about them, sign up for their mailing list here. Maybe I’ll see you at their next fun event?



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