Day 83: Real Simple?

I’m on a quest to find a new magazine! Well, ok, today at Target, I saw a Real Simple magazine that boasted “A Year of Organized Living” and the best body lotions, winter soups, vacuum cleaners and white shirts. Naturally, I was intrigued.

I took my time looking through each section. Turns out, Real Simple covers a variety of complex topics like beauty, money, cooking and home and attempts to simplify them. I liked sections that covered random things like ways to unwind before bed that included several examples from many different people or what to do with old christmas lights (put battery powered ones in a mason jar for a cute nightlight). The sections on money (how to get a raise and a sad story about a couple losing their house) and health (here’s the definition of some of those clinical words your doctor uses) were not my favorite. I guess there was nothing wrong with them. I just wasn’t interested in the information. My favorite section was the cooking section. All of the food looked and sounded delicious, especially those winter soups (chickpea, vegetable and pesto; spicy chicken and hominy; curried squash).

As a teen I read things like Teen Beat and Seventeen Magazine. Today I subscribe to HGTV Magazine and the hubs gets The Atlantic. In between, I’ve been in to Cosmopolitan, Vogue, New York Magazine, Time, Mental Floss, Paste, and the occasional People when flying. Nothing of great substance, and I, for the most part, intend to keep it that way. However, I think would appreciate another magazine to inspire me to continue making changes to our home, cook more, or generally live better/happier. I’m just not sure Real Simple is the one for me..



One thought on “Day 83: Real Simple?

  1. My suggestions:
    Sunset–it’s about Living in the West, but it’s TOTALLY great. It’s the best subscription I have–I have tons of back issues I can give to you if you are interested. It’s also like one of the oldest magazines in publication in the country.

    Martha Stewart Living: Also great, also usually filled with informative stuff.

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