Day 90: All I Need is Love

I like pretty much all Christmas music, but, let’s face it, much of it is very slow and/or sleepy. Today, I played dj for the hubs by choosing only upbeat holiday tunes to keep him pumped on the drive to Iowa. Selections featured Demi Lovato, Rascal Flatts and Glee. However, my favorite song this year is All I Need is Love by Cee Lo Green featuring the one and only Muppets! It literally brightened my day (which doesn’t even seem possible considering I have spent the day eating, talking and playing cards with family). I’ve listened to it three times today and each time couldn’t help but dance, even in the car. Especially in the car.

And by dance, I mean move crazily to the music. It is totally freeing as long as I do it alone or with the hubs or my sister (who also witnessed it today). It’s totally void of any self consciousness I might have about my body or abilities when dancing in front of people. So please listen to this song (or really any song that you love) and go nuts.


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