Day 106: Smoothies and Resolutions

On New Years Eve the hubs and I made some resolutions, one of which involved smoothies. Since then, we bought a Vitamix and lots of spinach, fruit and yogurt.

This morning, the hubs made two smoothies. One he took to work, the other he left in the fridge for me. While quite good, we decided the recipe might need a little more fruit. I’ve heard the key to an effective smoothie–and by effective I mean one with a lot of vitamins and enough protein to be satisfying–is to have more vegetable than fruit, but enough fruit to make it taste good. We are still finding that balance, so we will see how they taste tomorrow.

Our plan is to make smoothies every night, one for each of us for the next day. At least during the work week and we will see how we feel about it on the weekend. Here’s our current recipe:

4c spinach
1.5c milk
.5c yogurt (we use Chobani Greek for the protein content)
1c berries (we use blue and raspberries)
1 banana
1 orange
A little bit of honey and maybe some nuts.

Blend the spinach and milk first to smooth out the leaves. (After this, the smoothie is Ninja Turtle green) Then add everything else. This is when the smoothie turns brown, so we bought some cute and colorful cups to keep it in.





2 thoughts on “Day 106: Smoothies and Resolutions

  1. riceeyd says:

    I’ve just recently discovered green smoothies and I am loving them. I am trying to convience myself to take the plunge an go ahead and buy a better blender.

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