Day 105: Caramel Cone

Guilty Pleasure Monday lives on! I may need it less and less because I guess I’m getting used to the methotrexate. It no longer makes me feel so tired or ill throughout the day on Monday. Yet I find I can still use the guilty pleasure pick-me-up and today it’s Caramel Cone ice cream made by Haagen Das.

Two things about this ice cream: it’s organic (read full fat). It’s delicious: vanilla ice cream with bits of chicolate covered sugar cone and caramel swirls. I used to have a serious addiction to this ice cream. Not a summer day passed without me eating Caramel Cone, but I’m over that now. It’s become a guilty pleasure only acceptable once in a great while. Today I enjoyed some of the pint, not all. And will continue to enjoy it over the next few days but then no more. Until summer. Or maybe Valentine’s Day.



2 thoughts on “Day 105: Caramel Cone

  1. B says:

    THIS is my favorite. I usually eat the whole thing while Chad has mint chocolate chip. I, mostly, get the tiny ones for a dollar, but if I’m feeling down, a pint does the trick! I’m glad you enjoyed. PS. Putting it on a waffle (cinnamon and brown sugar flavored) Morelli/Schwegler style (with extra caramel sauce) is to die for!!! That was my birthday present to myself.

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