Day 108: A Little Socializing

Like the old married couple that we are, the hubs and I rarely go out on a weeknight. If we do, it’s for dinner, never for an after 8pm hang out. But tonight when we got a text at 8:30pm requesting our presence at a near by watering hole, we both responded with gusto! We left our house in the pouring rain and walked a block to the bar for about an hour of relaxed conversation before heading home again.

It was delightful to go out and socialize for just a little bit. And it’s something we never would have even considered doing back when I was not well. It’s small things like this that remind me to appreciate and take advantage of my health now and every day.


One thought on “Day 108: A Little Socializing

  1. Susan says:

    Nothing like a spur of the moment mid-week time with friends….happy to hear you enjoyed the evening!:)

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