Day 114: Beginnings

I started a new job today! My title is Development Associate, and while some of my work will be in individual campaigns, most of my job is grant writing. I’m going to make money writing. I never imagined that would be the case but am so pleased that it is.

My hours are part time, some in the office and some at home for writing, which works so well for me, especially managing my RA. I can easily schedule doctor appointments and can write from home on days when I’m not feeling up to going out. It also means that I can stay on in my current position two days per week to help out during a particularly busy time.

In order for this set up to function well, I have to have a laptop to take to work, home and anywhere else I might want to write. This was my special, secret present that necessitated a trip to the Apple Store. I’m writing this post on a MacBook Air. It is so light, so cute and I have everything synched to keep me efficient.

I’m very excited about this change, about beginning a new career path, about working in smaller theater company, about writing, about free weekends, about meeting new people, about developing my skills, and about raising money for valuable programs and projects that bring theater to youth and underserved communities.


2 thoughts on “Day 114: Beginnings

  1. gertnath says:

    Congratulations!!!! How exciting…
    Who/where specifically are you working?

  2. Susan Krieger says:

    Congrats on the new job…a perfect match for your writing talents,Sarah! I love my MacBook Air I get to use while teaching for MCSD:)! Enjoy,,,

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