Day 127: Catalog

When I was young, my mom taught me the difference between a magazine and a catalog. I called every glossy, book-like item that came in the mail a magazine, and she corrected me when that item was actually a multiple page advertisement for a store.

Today I got four CATALOGS in the mail: William Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm and J. Crew. Normally, these would lay in a pile on the coffee table until getting recycled during a cleaning fit. This evening, I actually sat and leisurely paged through them all. (And, to those keeping track–probably only the hubs–it is not the same as my post about looking for a new magazine because these are catalogs).

Highlights: William Sonoma’s smoothie recipes. Pottery Barn Kids’ chevron crib sheets that I wish they made in adult versions. West Elm’s rugs–chevron and ikat–and bold striped bedding. And J. Crew’s everything. Their new stuff is all amazing and I only wish I could afford it. One thing to work on, shopping J. Crew sales.

It was so relaxing to sit quietly, with a cuddly dog, and look at magazines–Catalogs! (I really typed magazines and had to correct myself. I left it in for my mom).



3 thoughts on “Day 127: Catalog

  1. Susan says:

    My favorite thing to do on a “snow day”… As a teacher it’s one of those things that make “make-up” days okay!!! Glad to see you enjoyed catalog surfing today:)

  2. Sue (Mom) says:

    I don’t think you have any idea how much your blog today made me smile! Do you recall each year as a child on the day that the JC Penney Christmas “magazine” would arrive in our mailbox and how you and your sister would pour over it, circling all the toys you wanted Santa to bring? For myself as a child, I used to make a rule.. turn each page and pick only one item on each page. A real challenge!! I do the same now as adult. It’s still fun and challenging; only now I can buy once in a while :o)

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