Day 126: Soccer

Elphie has this thing where she chews up every single toy we get her reducing it to unrecognizable bits in a matter of minutes. So for Christmas, to occupy her while the hubs and I opened our gifts, we got her this little rubber ball man that we were certain she would destroy quickly.

Well, he’s still surviving and is, in fact, her favorite toy. We spend many nights going about our business while also throwing this toy for her. (The hubs and I call him Maurice and are trying to teach her his name). Today, we came up with a sort of keep-a-way soccer game where he and I kick Maurice back and forth trying to keep him away from Elphie. She loves us kicking him because she is totally incapable of predicting which direction he will fly. It’s fun and a little bit active too.



One thought on “Day 126: Soccer

  1. Sue (Mom) says:

    I’m thinking Arnie would love Maurice! Can you tell me where you got this dog toying man or send one for Arnie aka Arnold Palmer Slight!?

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