Day 138: Itinerary

As you may know by now, I like to be very organized. Making lists and planning bring me great joy. So it should come as no surprise that I spent a long time today putting together an itinerary for the hubs’ and my anniversary trip (that begins at the end of next month!).

The itinerary is broken down by day. Each travel day has the departure and arrival cities, times, flight/train and confirmation numbers, directions from train stations to hotels, etc. I also made a separate document that has lists of potential activities in each city. The top choices will ultimately make their way on to the itinerary as “suggested activities,” giving us room to change things up last minute if we want to.

In Chicago (or anywhere in the U.S.), if I had to go anywhere I wasn’t familiar with, I would just plug it in to my iPhone and be on my way. And I’ve grown very accustomed to that. Realizing that we would not have this luxury on our trip (because we are not paying to use our phones internationally) prompted me to worry a little bit about getting from place to place. Hence the detailed itinerary with what I consider a very fun name, Me Hubs European Anniversary Getaway Adventure Itinerary.


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