Day 137: Chalkboard

The hubs and I love Chalkboard, a restaurant in Lincoln Square. No menus. Just a chalkboard with the day’s selections in an elegant atmosphere.

Tonight they had a special. Choose the tasting menu and get the Chalkboard Salad, an appetizer and an entree in smaller, tasting portions at a reduced rate. We took advantage.

I had the Crab Croquettes and the vegetable (mushroom, cherry tomato, kale and brie) risotto. The hubs had the scallops and their famous fried chicken. Equal parts crunchy and spicy, the fried chicken is the hubs’ favorite item on their menu.

It’s our go to place for impromptu date-nights (like tonight) and impressing out-of-towners. The food is part French inspired, part southern comfort and totally delicious.





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