Day 182: Halfway

At day 182, I’m feeling proud, intimidated, sheepish and excited.

Proud to have gotten this far, to have consistently said, “yes I will continue this project” every time I have wanted to stop, and to have faced my challenges head on.

Intimidated by the next 183 days, by how many fun things I need to come up with, by what will happen on day 365.

Sheepish about how much I’ve revealed about myself and about those days when I did not reveal anything.

Excited about finishing such a large project. Other than relationships or school, I’m not sure I’ve spent this much effort or time on anything.

Thank you for taking this journey with me so far, for your fun ideas and, most of all, for your encouraging words. Here’s to the second half of the Year of Fun!


4 thoughts on “Day 182: Halfway

  1. Susan Krieger says:

    You are an inspiration, Sarah! Keep at it:)

  2. Robin says:

    You continue to inspire me day after day!!!

    Robin Edwards

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