Day 183: E B-Day

It’s Elphaba’s birthday! She is two years old. The hubs and I did not really celebrate her first birthday, so we decided to get her a special treat this year. I went to Dogaholics which is a great independent dog store on Southport. They have fresh dog food, interesting toys and a doggie bakery counter. (At their other location just down the street, they offer grooming, daycare and boarding services which is how I first heard of them).

When I told the woman at the bakery counter that it was my dog’s birthday, she excitedly told me I get a discount on raw hides (I chose a braided beef flavored one) and some free birthday cookies. They also offer cakes that are super adorable and probably better suited for a whole dog party. Instead, I bought an extra cupcake cookie.

Elphie was crazy excited getting her treats. She knew the bag was for her the minute I walked in the door. Even though she had no idea what was happening or why we were giving her such delicious treats, I’m pretty sure she knew she was (IS) loved. She may not be the best behaved, she may be a little crazy, but she is the best goofy sweet furry little companion a girl could want.




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