Day 195: Anniversary

Day 195 was our anniversary. It was a lovely day. We woke up in Paris-the hubs went out to fetch eclairs for breakfast before we caught our train to London where we visited the Tate Modern and the Globe before going out for an anniversary dinner followed by a few drinks in the pub where we are staying. We made some friends at the pub, some women who ooohed and ahhed over our anniversary, our trip, my ring, and Chicago. They told us funny stories about themselves: two of them have known each other for five years and the other they just met that night when the date she was on at the pub ended badly. (It was kind of like something out of Sex and the City).

At dinner, the hubs and I were able to reflect upon the last year and predict good things for the next. At the pub, we were able to make friends who made a big deal out of our anniversary and toasted to our many happy returns.

[But I wasn’t able to blog about it until today because there is no access to wifi in the room. For that reason, the next few posts may be slightly delayed. Today is our last full day of the trip and we fly back to Chicago tomorrow. We plan to pick up Elphie, order in and catch up on DVR].


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