Catching Up Day 196, 197 and 198

So a couple days off due to lack of wifi, turned in to three and I’m still jet lagged. Here they are in brief…

Day 196 was a very lazy vacation day for me: I was feeling pretty tired and fatigued, enough that it really prevented me from wanting to do anything. The hubs went to the Tower of London without me, but when he came back, he showed me all of the pictures and told me everything he remembered from the tour.

Day 197 was the flight home which was fine, but not fun. Getting home at 3pm, picking up Elphie and doing exactly what I said we would (order in, watch dvr) were all so fun, I was asleep by 7pm.

Which brings me to today, Day 198, the first day back at work. Even though everyone around me seemed at their wits end over the annual gala coming up in two days, I felt strangely calm and prepared to take on all challenges thrown my way. It is possible that I was just delirious from a strange sleeping schedule but I like to think I came back with fresh eyes and handled what could have been an entirely anxiety filled day with calm attention.

Our trip was so special and fun, but I’m glad to be back home!


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