Day 200: Gala

Day 200 feels like a milestone as far as numbers go. As a day, it was pretty epic.

I got to work at 10:30am and got home from work at 1:00am the next day (today). It was our annual gala. My job was to talk to as many people as possible-introduce myself, talk up the company, and generally meet board members and subscribers/donors. Aka be outgoing and on my feet for several hours (like its your wedding)!

The first two hours went well. I talked to a lot of people and had fun doing so. Then came the sit down dinner with a program and awards. The trouble started when I tried to get up from this two hour meal. Two hours standing followed by two hours sitting equaled painful stiff feet. I spent the rest of the night oscillating between trying to talk to more people and sitting. I felt conflicted between work duties and physical necessity.

Thankfully this only went on for about an hour before most of the guests left. Afterward I could help clean up and transport people and things back to the theater without forcing myself to keep standing. The hubs-who attended and won a very cool beer-oriented silent auction item-was also a huge help at the end of night, carrying things and generally making my job easier.

All in all it was a fun night but I’m thankful to be at home resting for the rest of today.


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